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The deadline for new entries is April 1, 2018.

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Contact Person
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Mailing Address
This information is used by the TV station during the live broadcast. Please include any interesting or exciting information about you, your entry, your organization, etc. What should people watching at home on TV know about your parade entry?
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Any unit deemed on parade day by parade officials to be substantially different from the description on its entry form or to display behavior, signage, or dress offensive to a general audience may be denied entry into the parade or be removed from the line of march and barred from participation in future parades.
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By clicking yes below, I/We agree and understand that the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival, Inc.® and Charlottesville Dogwood Foundation Inc.® is not liable for injury to persons participating in the parades, spectators or damage to vehicles and personal property. Further, we have reviewed the rules, regulations and policies of the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival Parade and agree, if we participate, to comply with them as prescribed, and to indemnify and agree to hold the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival and City of Charlottesville harmless from any and all liability arising from our participation in the Festival. By signing below, I/We certify we have general liability insurance in effect during our participation in the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival.