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2020 Dogwood Queen

Taylor Marie Talley

Taylor Marie Talley is a junior at Louisa County High School.  She is a member of the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School, NHS, Teachers for  Tomorrow, Speech and Debate, Young Life, FCA, Lion Pride Club, as well as a sideline and competition cheerleader.  Her platform is Tag Along With Tay.  Taylor will be working to put on a special needs pageant and providing care bags for foster children.  In June, she will be volunteering at the Rockbridge Young Life Camp where she will help individuals on the road to a strong relationship with Christ.  Taylor would like to encourage those in her community to "tag" along with her during her reign as the Dogwood Queen and Miss Louisa in local service projects.  She wants everyone to feel the joy of giving back to those who have given so much.  Taylor plans on attending a four year university after graduation from Louisa County High School and then obtaining a master's in secondary education. 

Past Dogwood Queens

We are proud of our history and past queens. We are in the process of gathering and collecting photographs of past queens. If you have photographs or portraits of past queens, please send them to us. We would love to have them. Please send pictures to tlayman8@gmail.com

1990  Carla Shifflett
1989  Frieda Loose
1988  Jennifer Fincham
1987  Susan Gammon
1986  Suzanne Horton
1985  Anne Stack
1984  Susan Clough
1983  Angelia Gentry
1982  Laurie Thurneck
1981  Ronda Lamm
1980  Francis Hicks
1979  Allison White
1978  Lori Chafee
1977  Belinda Spangler
1976  Donna Lee Bass
1975  Valerie Booker
1974  Patricia Parr
1973  Marilyn Kay Harris
1972  Deborah Dawn Powers
1971  Teresa Gayle Southard
1970  Jeannie Dorsey
1969  Ellis Robertson
1968  Lynn Shelton Mitchell
1967  Zella Lehr
1966  Honey Lucas
1965  Sandra Williams
1964  Janice Harper
1963  Lillian Knight
1962  Jo Ann Campbell
1961  Jeannie Thomas
1960  Freda Erskine
1959  Sue Singleton
1958  Betty Johnson
1957  Debbie Brown
1956  Martha Dean Chestnut
1955  Shelley Mann
1954  Ellen Whitehead
1953  Wendy Barrie
1952  Faith Hollowell
1951  Doris L. Riner